The Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas and all their islands are undoubtedly beautiful, but altogether they amount to only 6% of all the world's coastlines and only 1.5% of the ocean's total surface area. Yet 90% of luxury superyachts never venture any farther. If you're willing to go off the beaten track, Earth is still a big place.


Papua New Guinea

Leave the world you know — and the world that knows you — behind. Interact with people who possess little knowledge of the outside world, but will welcome you to theirs. This is true exploration — crossing both culture and time in a single moment.



This is the benchmark, the most challenging cruising ground for any yacht. But if you can get here, if you can undertake this journey, the rewards are completely indescribable. The seventh continent, Antarctica, is something you simply have to see in your lifetime.



Dive Earth’s greatest concentration of ocean biomass with beautiful waters, stunning reefs and atolls. By heading off the beaten track to places without established anchorages or lagoon access, you may well discover the next top dive spots before anyone else.


Russian Far East

The seas at the top of the Pacific Ring of Fire host one of the world’s most biodiverse and productive ecosystems. These deep waters — shaped by currents, sea ice and rapidly shifting weather — are surrounded by dramatic, rugged landscapes.



Find your own private escape among more than a thousand islands in the vast Pacific Ocean, such as the romantic Îles Marquises, the floral paradise of Paul Gauguin. More than 800 nautical miles northeast of Tahiti, it’s one of the most remote island groups in the world.



A true navigator deep into the Arctic Circle requires real capability for sailing into icy waters and actually breaking through ice, not just a reinforced hull. Go farther, for longer, with power, safety and endurance.