During the development of the SeaXplorer we had to design the right hull shape for a true expedition vessel with global capabilities – equally effective in ice conditions, tropical conditions, a rough seaway and sometimes even in severe weather. Optimising the hull for icebreaking would have directly compromised the seagoing behaviour, so we decided on a double acting hull. This means the SeaXplorer has a stern optimised for icebreaking conditions, while the bow benefits from its SEA AXE design.


SeaXplorer 90

With her supreme ice qualities, the SeaXplorer can visit polar regions starting in the early spring when the wildlife is often at its best.

  • Keep going through waters with high ice concentration.
  • Thrust through challenging ice up to about a metre thick, going deeper into the most spectacular polar wilderness.
  • Ram into the pack ice and walk right out onto the frozen sea.




Like Yacht Support, the SeaXplorer range is based on DAMEN’s patented and proven SEA AXE bow concept. The two ranges are the only SEA AXE designs specifically developed for the superyacht world.

  • More than 160 DAMEN SEA AXE vessels sold since 2005, mostly for Offshore and Navy clients.
  • Innovative hull form slices effortlessly through the waves instead of slamming.
  • Far greater sea kindliness and minimal discomfort and inconvenience for passengers.


Entering pristine, virgin territory bestows a hefty responsibility on all visitors – a responsibility that we know our clients take seriously. So, although the SeaXplorer might be a heavyweight when it comes to expedition capability, it leaves a light footprint on the environment.

Inside one of the modern engine rooms, the diesel-electric watercooled generator set features soot filters as well as SCR systems to reduce NOX emissions.
  • Sailing for long periods in Zero discharge mode
  • Exhaust gas soot filters
  • Engine SCR systems for reducing NOX, compliant with the new IMO TIER 3 rules that apply from 2016 for all ships with a global sailing area
  • Waste heat recovery for efficient air conditioning, heating as well as potable water and pool heating
  • Waste management system with large holding tanks, plastics disposal, refuse separation, glass crusher, compactor, cooled garbage store, and onboard incinerator
  • Polar Class double-skinned fuel storage tanks as an extra precaution to avoid oil spills


  • Ice radar, night vision camera systems and forward-looking sonar
  • Systems to detect and avoid unwanted encounters and other civil challenges
  • Hospital and accommodation for expedition physician, comprehensive remote location data-link for external assistance with diagnostics
  • Full backup and system redundancy for extra layer of reliability
  • SOLAS compliant safety standards
  • Fully equipped survival and emergency equipment
  • No compromises on high standard lifeboats, up to 9 metres


Known as DP, Dynamic Positioning is a high-end propulsion technology that uses a combination of thrusters and software to keep the yacht in one exact position (holding station). The SeaXplorer uses DP to safely launch tenders without anchoring and approach glaciers with precision in poorly charted waters and among unpredictable ice floes.

Safe and comfortable even in extreme conditions, the SeaXplorer 90 relies on a robust diesel-electric power configuration, retractable fin stabilisers, two 3 MW 360-degree azimuth thrusters and two 350 kW bow thrusters.