SeaXplorer 90

The SeaXplorer is the world’s first purpose-built, Polar Code compliant range of expedition yachts with full capability for remote destinations – from extreme Polar to remote Tropical areas. From the very first sketches to the fully engineered range, DAMEN has designed every detail of these ruggedised yachts for the most extraordinary adventures anywhere on the planet.


SeaXplorer 90

The SeaXplorer is the world’s first private expedition yacht built to comply with demanding new environmental and safety rules for polar journeys. Entering into force in 2017, the IMO’s new Polar Code is mandatory for any ship intending to visit the polar regions. The majority of the yachts will find it impossible to obtain a Polar Code certificate even those yachts with some light ice reinforcements.

Polar Class Icebreaking for global capability

  Polar Class SeaXplorer Light ice reinforced yacht* Traditional ‘white’ superyacht
Light ice hull reinforcement (Ice Class 1C)
Heavy ice hull reinforcement up to Polar Class 6
Icebreaking 90 cm first year ice
Propulsion train with Ice Class reinforcement
High bridge with excellent visibility, extended and enclosed bridge wings
No weak hull appendages (eg stabilisers that cannot be retracted; exhaust outlets)
Zero discharge, waste management system

* Yachts complying with the basic Finnish Swedish Ice Class Rules 1C


SeaXplorer 65

The SeaXplorer’s crossover capabilities presented an external design challenge. How do you go about creating seamless lines for a type of yacht that’s never been seen before? While parts of the yacht, in particular the luxury accommodation, are faired to perfection, other parts of the yacht, such as the SEA AXE bow and icebreaking stern, require the raw brute strength of steel. DAMEN selected Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture to come up with the answer. Their clever and elegant solution details subtle design transitions from professional to luxury finishes while celebrating the yacht’s virile and well-built beauty.


When you return to society, just as the great explorers of bygone eras, you’ll be met with awe, fascination and we dare say a smidgen of envy.


“The SeaXplorer is the perfect balance – a crossover really – between professional proven technology and superyacht exclusivity. ”
Mark Vermeulen, Product Director SeaXplorer

“ If the Owner wants to configure some mission-specific functionality, we have a dedicated team with all the expertise to make it happen. There are a lot of possibilities and our focus is realising the client’s vision for their adventures at sea.”
Jaap van der Velde, Design Manager SeaXplorer