Connecting two worlds in seamless beauty

25 Feb 2016

High-end expedition yachts must have increasingly professional capability to reach destinations from the Amazon to Antarctica, but that should not compromise the superyacht experience. This design challenge was the subject of a technical workshop this week at the Superyacht Design Symposium in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Realising the crucial importance of exterior design, DAMEN selected AZURE to ensure the integrity of the yachting experience at the absolutely highest level. At the ‘Cruising without limits’ technical workshop, designer Bob van den Meiracker showed how AZURE Yacht Design and Naval Architecture solved the particular aesthetic challenge of connecting two worlds as purely as possible in the DAMEN SeaXplorer range.

While traditional yachts go out of their way to avoid scrapes on the hull, the SeaXplorer’s robust, unfaired hull is designed to go right into fast ice. While parts of the yacht, in the particular the luxury accommodation, are faired to perfection, other parts of the yacht, such as the SEA AXE bow and icebreaking stern, require the raw brute strength of steel.

AZURE developed the subtle design transitions from professional to luxury finishes while celebrating the yacht’s virile and well-built beauty. The end result is a modern, unique design that is instantly recognisable over all three models in the 65 to 100-metre range.